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Case Studies

Get results from proven strategies and performance based data. Our series of case studies show you the true value of working with Amazon experts.

How Listings Drive Sales

Listing Optimization improves sales from 64 a month to over 300 in less than 30 days.

National grocery brand unaware of Amazon sales

3-8 Sellers

No online sales strategy

Basic title

One bullet point

One photo

Limited description

No brand registry

High volume keyword research

Updated title to include primary and secondary keywords

Expanded bullet points to describe features, benefits, differentiators, and uses

Comprehensive description to provide details of product, brand story, and quality

Increase to 300 units per month, with projections over 400-a 500% increase

New revenue of $80,000 annually

Average best seller rank under 7000 (from 30,000)

0 %
Increase in sales

Brand Protection Suite

Defend your reputation, secure your trademark, and control your supply chain to protect your vision and goals.​

This is a set of documents for any brand with supply chain issues.

Supply Chain Leaks

Broken MAP

Deflated prices

Unauthorized or unknown sellers

Wholesale Flow Chart-to simplify your inquiry process

Authorized Sales Agreement-establish contact information with all vendors

Wholesale Requirements-verification process to validate vender accounts

Seller Authorization-track information about your authorized accounts

MAP Policy-establish consistent prices for on and offline sales channels

Reduced authorized sellers from 8 to 1

Reduced time responding to inquiries to 5 minutes daily

Found unauthorized online sellers

Established consistent pricing for all channels

Authorized Sellers

Awesome Effects of Advertising

Advertising campaign optimization reduces costs from 78% to 15% in 7 days

Local grocery brand just starting on Amazon

Tried to learn Amazon independently

Lacked understanding of Amazon

Misunderstood the function of keywords

Spent ad budget trying to learn how PPC works

Believed Amazon could not be profitable

Scouting strategy for keyword research

Optimized listings using findings

Targeted niche keywords to align product with search terms

Optimized ad campaign for high performance and relevance

Decreased cost from 78% ACoS to 15%

Tripled sales from advertising

Lowered organic rank from 120,000 to under 40,000

0 %
Reduction in Ad Spend

The Power of Social Proof

Customer Service raises customer ratings over 14%.

Regional grocery brand with inconsistent Amazon sales

2-8 Unknown Sellers purchasing through distributors

No online sales strategy

No brand registry

3.8 average customer rating

Poor reviews about bugs and other inconsistencies

Established purchasing pattern of 30 days to ensure consistently fresh product

Requested removal of negative reviews

Commented and resolved issues from negative reviews

Merged variations into single listing

Implement requests to increase positive reviews

Established value added email sequence

Answered customer questions

Raised star review rating to 4.5

Doubled review count

Promoted 5 star review to top review

0 %
higher customer satisfaction

Value of Brand Partnership

Brand Partnership allows brand to launch on Amazon

Local health and beauty brand

Never sold on Amazon before

No experience on Amazon

Unsure if Amazon is a good fit

Fear of losing asset

Established clear contract between both parties

Enrolled into Brand Registry

Launched products on Amazon

Implemented the Cornerstones of Amazon Success

Ranked on Page 1 for primary keyword 

Matched brick and mortar sales in first 30 days

Refined online strategy for long term scalability

Days needed to rank

benefits of Exclusivity

Moving to 1 exclusive seller results in 80% revenue increase year over year

National grocery brand

8 Sellers, reduced to exclusive

Celebrity name attached to product

Accepted all wholesale inquiries

Thought Amazon sales were acceptable

Poor listings without optimization

Minimal advertising

Sales based on brand name only

High performance keyword research

Analysis of competitors

Fully Optimized listing including lifestyle photos

Enrolled into Brand Registry

Implemented promotion strategy

Targeted advertising campaign

Created Brand Storefront

Enrolled in Subscribe & Save

Implemented Brand Protection Suite

Increase to 200 units per month, an 150% increase

Up 80% Year Over Year

100% uptime in PPC advertising

200% increase in Subscribe & Save enrollments


0 %
YOY Revenue Increase






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