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Cornerstone 4
Consumer Relations

Build trust with your customers with exceptional service every step of the way

Engage customers, build trust, and create a direct to consumer relationship. We implement the latest strategies to serve your customers with high level engagement for EVERY transaction, EVERY question, and EVERY review to promote a positive shopping experience.

Build a Consumer Relationship

Promote brand loyalty with top level service through every part of the transaction. We monitor and respond to every review so your customers know you care.

solve issues before they happen

Connect with buyers, respond to questions, and proactively resolve problems. We automate the process to take care of your customers for EVERY purchase.

Engage customers for social proof


Follow trends and feedback you receive from Amazon’s review system to see what customers love about your products and how they engage with your brand.

Comprehensive Reviews, questions, and Feedback

1 %
Average Increase in Reviews

Amplify your review count, provide massive social proof, and proactively resolve concerns. With more than 55% of online product searches starting on Amazon, the reviews of your products are one of the most important aspects of your Amazon reputation. Our team implements best practices to efficiently:






Would 50% more sales help your bottom line?

We can make that happen.