What We Do

At Kahl & Main, we provide solutions for premium brands who have excellent potential to grow in the Amazon marketplace. Our focus is on developing personal relationships that serve the brand first, maximizing your Amazon presentation, simplifying your logistics, and growing sales.
As a brand partner, we will go above and beyond to enhance your brand. We will work with you to maximize your conversion rates, make sure your Amazon listings represent your brand, and keep you up to date on your Amazon performance. More importantly, we are an honest company that focuses on being brand ambassadors and delivering value well beyond our competition.


Common Problems

When we talk to brand owners, we often hear of problems dealing with the Amazon marketplace. Most of these come down to four main areas:

  1. Sellers who ignore Minimum Advertised Price: Brands tell us they simply do not know their sellers. These unauthorized sellers ignore MAP and upset brick and mortar stores.
  2. Prices being deflated: The “race to the bottom” effect of price dropping, including when Amazon is a seller, destroys brand equity.
  3. Lack of expertise: Brands who attempt to manage their own third party sales often lack the expertise to to implement best practices for successful marketing on Amazon.
  4. Misunderstanding the value of Amazon: Brand partners have told us they do not know anything about their Amazon sales, focus on brick and mortar only, and essentially ignoring their brand online.

How We Add Value

The harsh reality of Amazon third party sellers is that most of them do NOTHING to help your brand. They leech profits from you, with no regard to the role they play in representing your brand.

Kahl & Main is different. We are truly a VALUE ADDED partner.  We increase product visibility by offering our Amazon expertise to help your brand INCREASE SALES and ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS.

Our core services for every brand partner include:

  • Complete deficiency analysis of current listings
  • A competitor analysis to understand your current footprint in the market
  • A comprehensive Action Plan presented to address these deficiencies
  • Keyword analysis to optimize Amazon Search Engine Optimization
  • Product review campaign to increase positive consumer interactions
  • Advertising campaigns utilizing 10-30% OF PROFITS to increase market share
  • Timely Reports to communicate about Amazon changes and progress
  • Brand Registry assistance
  • Product photography services, if needed
  • Adherence to MAP and online seller agreements

All of our core services are achieved within the first 90 DAYS of our partnership becoming live on Amazon. Can you say that about your current sellers? Are they truly adding value to your brand?

Our Services

We offer two options for our brand partners: brand partnerships and wholesale partnerships.

Our Brand Partnership program helps brands maintain full control of their online storefront while benefiting from our expertise through a customized partnership agreement. 

Brand Partnerships offer all the benefits of offering your products on Amazon while avoiding the most common issues. We work together to create a customized, value added plan that meets your goals, increases your profits, decreases your effort, and fits your budget.

In a Wholesale Partnership, we purchase inventory and serve your brand under our store name. We still offer our core benefits for EVERY brand we work with!

Simply put, we take care of Amazon for you, so you can take care of your brand. Contact us to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions for Brand Partners

Why should I sell 3rd party instead of directly to Amazon?

Let’s start with the difference between selling TO Amazon and selling ON Amazon.

When you sell TO Amazon, they handle your listing creation, sales, and advertising. They will NOT sign a MAP agreement, and will maintain the lowest price possible for your product. Remember, they care about the customer, not the brand.

When working with third party sellers like us, we manage your listing and advertising WITH YOU INVOLVED. We will honor your MAP agreement 100% of the time (since we signed it). Your brand’s goals are aligned with ours, and we work with YOUR interests in mind. Better yet, check out our Brand Partnership Program and make YOURSELF the 1st party seller!

How can we eliminate unauthorized sellers?

From price dropping to outright copyright infringement, unauthorized sellers can wreak havoc on your brand. To solve this problem, we have partnered with a leading Amazon legal team who can help you through the process. Optionally, you can make Kahl & Main an exclusive partner for Amazon, which can bring significant additional value to your brand, including INCREASED sales.

How much do your services cost?

Nothing. We do not charge for bringing you these added values. We simply align our performance goals with yours and purchase inventory directly at a profitable margin for everyone involved. In our Brand Partnership program, we charge a negotiated commission for managing your Amazon store. New to Amazon? We can do that too!

Does Kahl & Main dropship?

No. We purchase your products in bulk and send them to one of our nationwide partner facilities for additional prep. From there, it is sent to Amazon for fulfillment through the FBA (Prime) program.

Why can’t I find Kahl & Main on Amazon?

Although we are an open and honest company with our brand partners, we have found that sometimes this is not always reciprocal. Because of this, our store name is different than our company name. We only share our store name with our brand partners.

What parts of our Amazon presence do you handle?

All of them! When we partner with a brand, we handle:

  • Listing optimization and creation
  • Copywriting
  • Photos (we have a photographer on staff)
  • Keyword research
  • Reviews
  • Promotions
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer email support
  • Returns

Are you a brand manager?

In the Wholesale Partnership: No, we are not a brand manager in the traditional sense. We are a value added third party seller who cares about the brands we partner with and how they are represented on Amazon. If you want a more custom experience, we recommend our Brand Partnership service.

What are benefits of the Brand Partnership Program?

The Brand Partnership Program offers several solutions to specific problems that the wholesale partnership cannot address:

  • A direct-to-consumer supply chain
    • Avoids inventory leaks and counterfeiting
    • Builds trust with consumers
    • Increases sales
    • Resolves MAP violations
    • Values brick and mortar relationships
  • A value added asset to your company
    • Maintains full control and optimization of your Amazon presence
    • Tells the story of the brand
    • Simplifies logistics and efficiency
    • Assists in future negotiations
    • Provides sales data
  • Increased profits
    • Lowers costs throughout the supply chain
    • Higher benefit from each conversion
    • Access to all data, advertising, and reporting from Amazon

We are happy to explore either option to see which would be the best fit for you.

Is this an exclusive agreement?

No. Unless you are in our Brand Partnership, working with Kahl & Main does not make us an exclusive seller. You maintain control over your choice of who to work with, including brick and mortar sellers who happen to sell online. 

That said, we would LOVE to be your exclusive seller on Amazon if you choose. Exclusivity can offer additional benefits, including increased sales both online AND in brick and mortar.

Will I be able to communicate with you?

Of course! Unlike with Amazon, or even with large mega-sellers, we are a small mom-and-pop company. When you call or email, you will speak directly with either Hilary or David. We are here for you!

Are you ready to become a brand partner?

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