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Cornerstone 3

Target the right audience with the perfect keywords for more traffic, more customers, and more profits

Get your products in front of the most qualified traffic to drive sales for increased profits. Together, we implement a proven strategy to market your brand for the greatest possible return with directed advertising aimed at growing your share of the market. Our PPC strategy combines software solutions with real-time data reported directly from Amazon to increase conversion.

Increase Product Visibility

Target the right keywords to place your product in front of shoppers ready to buy. When you know what customers are looking for, you help customers find you!‚Äč

Grow Market Share and Customer Base

Effective marketing drives sales through increased customer traffic and conversion. By focusing on market placement, you increase product visibility to gain customers for the long term.

Advertise Profitably

Pay per click advertising is the single most important driver of traffic on Amazon. Together, we’ll develop a custom strategy to take advantage of customer data to make ads effective and budget friendly.

Advertising Campaigns

150 %
Average ACoS for our Brands

Capitalize on the power of the Amazon A9 algorithm to grow profits. Our strategy combines the data from four separate campaigns, with ongoing keyword targeting, optimization, and analysis.






When you understand Amazon, YOu sell more

Get more traffic, make more sales.