Kahl & Main

Cornerstone 2

Defend your reputation, protect your trademark, and control your supply chain

Broken MAP, deflated prices, too many sellers: these problems all hurt your brand and take away from your bottom line. We implement an effective series of seller protection strategies to clean up your supply chain, remove unauthorized sellers and help you maintain a minimum advertised price. Our exclusive Brand Protection Suite helps you stay in control to keep your customers (and brick and mortar vendors) happy.

increase product visibility

Target the right terms to place your product in front of shoppers ready to buy. When you know what customers are looking for, you help customers find you!

serve your customers

Connect with buyers, respond to questions, and proactively resolve problems. We automate the process to take care of your customers for EVERY purchase.

Protect your image and Reputation

Streamline your wholesale process while protecting your reputation, your trademark, and your pricing. Our proactive solutions safeguard you most valuable assets.

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon’s Brand Registry program is a way to help protect your company’s registered trademarks and assert to Amazon that you are the owner of certain branded products being sold on their platform. Kahl & Main will guide you through the process to register your brand and set appropriate permissions to control your assets, consolidate traffic, and improve search rankings, all while offering your customers a more cohesive shopping experience.






Because Amazon is confusing

Let us be your guide.