Kahl & Main

pursue success for the long term

Monitor progress, maximize efficiency, and scale for the future using proven, customer focused, performance-based solutions.

maximize your potential

Partnering with an expert who knows the ins and outs of Amazon means you can focus on what you do best…serving your brand.

Scale and expand for the future

Grow and expand with a clear strategy and the right systems in place (along with the right partner working for you), establishing a valuable revenue stream well into the future.

monitor and adjust for maximum efficiency

Maintain a fully optimized product catalog to offer a high quality Amazon shopping experience. With real time monitoring and consistent reporting, you will know your data to optimize your efficiency.

"We completely trust Kahl & Main...
We love working with you guys!"
-Tracy Baker
TCG Continuum


Understand Your Data

Make decisions based on real time metrics with consistent data reporting, with real people serving you every step of the way.

Manage Your Inventory

Prepare your supply chain for optimal efficiency as you scale with monthly inventory forecasting and sales analysis from a dedicated brand relations director.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Avoid and resolve Amazon specific issues such as suppressed listings, policy violations, or unapproved listing updates with real time, continuous monitoring.

Maximize Efficiency

Reclaim lost inventory, manage cases, and update content to create a premium customer experience for your customers.

Amazon is vital to your future

Do you trust your sellers to help you get there?