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Thanks for checking us out! If you received an email from us, it’s because we want to chat with you. Our custom algorithm found SOMETHING in your data that said we should talk about your Amazon strategy. Let’s dive in!

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That’s fair. We just met. We’re Kahl & Main, a boutique Amazon management company. We consult with an exclusive portfolio of brands to implement proven strategies and expertise of the marketplace, managing over $2 million annually on Amazon.

...And what do you do?

Take back control. Protect your brand. Unleash your awesomeness. Take a look around and see if we might be a good fit for you. Learn our Cornerstone Strategy or check out our Case Studies to learn more. Or better yet, contact us and we can dive into your strategy and see if it makes sense to bring you onboard.

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Essential online expertise to meet your goals and control your online message in a full service package

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Choose specific services, customized to meet your goals, with a trusted partner guiding you along the way

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"We tried doing Amazon ourselves, and lost a ton of money. Kahl & Main fixed our ads in a week!"
-Andy Simon
Business Development Manager
"We completely trust Kahl & Main... We love working with you guys!"
-Tracy Baker
Director of Sales

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