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Wholesale Partnerships

Maximize your performance, simply your logistics, and grow your profits. Our Wholesale Partnership program provides essential online expertise to meet your goals through a trusted, value added relationship that realizes your fullest potential.

You don't understand Amazon. We do.

With a Wholesale Partnership, we manage your Amazon products under our brand name. Customers benefit from our amazing customer service, brands build a valuable revenue stream, and you realize more profit. Most strategies will be implemented within our first 90 days, and the best part…we do this for free. THAT’s the true value of having an expert Amazon expert working with you.

Understand amazon

Develop a solid online strategy to meet your goals and make Amazon a valuable revenue stream for the long term. Make decisions based on data, not feelings, with custom and transparent reports showing you EXACTLY how you are doing on Amazon. From keywords to advertising, you’ll truly understand the enormous power of Amazon.

Gain a Competitive Edge

With a team of Amazon experts on your side, you’ll always be up to date with the latest processes and terms from the biggest market place in the world. We work with you to present your products, simplify your logistics, and grow your market, all so you can focus on what you do best – serve your brand.

Value Beyond Sales

Engage with customers, resolve negative experiences, and defend your reputation. Our value goes beyond sales to serve and enhance your brand while staying aligned with your core beliefs. By working together toward a common and shared purpose, we both succeed in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Transform your Amazon experience

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"We didn't know anything about Amazon until we started with Kahl & Main. You appreciate knowing how it works!"
-Phil Weisenberger
"I have complete trust in Kahl & Main. And as our exclusive seller, we've already seen our sales going up!"
-Angela Shorr
Operations Manager

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Lots of sellers know Amazon.
But how many of them know YOU?

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