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Brand Management

Establish your brand for the long term with an expert partner guiding you along the way. Our Brand Management program creates a data driven income stream so you can realize more profits while building a valuable asset for your company.

You don't have time for Amazon. We do.

With Brand Management, we manage your Amazon storefront under your brand name. Customers benefit from your amazing customer service, brands build a valuable revenue stream, and you keep more profit. All with 15 minutes of work a week. It’s like having your own expert Amazon department.

Build Trust

Build consumer trust and increase sales with a direct to consumer supply chain. Leverage your relationship to maximize customer service. Because you are the primary seller, you avoid common problems like inventory leaks or counterfeiting from unauthorized sellers. You maintain your own prices, demonstrating value to your brick and mortar vendors, and affirming your brand’s reputation for quality.

Create a valuable asset

Because you are in control, you direct the story of your brand to consumers and control who sells your product, simplifying logistics and saving administrative costs. Online sales performance data helps you better understand your market and assists in future negotiations with potential vendors. And with your own storefront, you maintain a valuable asset and grow your company’s value for the long term.

increase profits

Direct sales provide a higher return on each sales conversion, increasing profits across the board. Since logistics are direct, costs are lowered throughout the supply chain. Performance analytics of your online sales are more refined because you have access to all the data, advertising, and reporting directly from Amazon. Moreover, you save time and energy in infrastructure, avoiding the need to learn and manage your own store, or control and respond to third party e-commerce requests.

Keep More Profit from Every Purchase

Average return on sales

1 %
Brand Management
1 %
3rd Party Wholesale
1 %
Direct to Amazon
"We tried doing Amazon ourselves, and lost a ton of money. Kahl & Main fixed our ads in a week!"
-Andy Simon
Business Development Manager
"We completely trust Kahl & Main... We love working with you guys!"
-Tracy Baker
Director of Sales

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